Children Spring Songs

As long as there will be kids in the world, there will be somebody trying to make kid-friendly editions of the things grown ups adore. Songs are no exception. In fact, an whole franchise's, Kidz Bop, has been created around the idea that kids like Jason derulo songs far better when his capable vocals are substituted by the wailing of a room ful of teens.

Children Spring Tunes
Children Spring Songs

And maybe they're correct. The spring songs for kids
 operation has been in business since 2000, publishing over 20 albums of your beloved songs held down and smacked in the face by a bunch of god darn kids. Nine of the first 10 gone gold in the U.S.

Here's the thing, though; occasionally no amount of censorship and lyric improvements can mask the fact that the song in question is clearly meant for an adult audience exclusively.

OK, right off the bat, wonderful job taking care of the "tongue" business. "Hands" is indeed less inflamed than "tongue." Regrettably, the rest of the Kidz Bop edition sounds d
irtier to me. "Kiss till we're intoxicated" is absolute gibberish. By comparison, "dance till we're completed" sounds more like sex-related innuendo compared to anything else. There is actually no other time you can boogie until. You can't dance until finally after you're done. You can dance till you're dead, but aren't you also done at that position? This line makes no sense if it's not really a metaphor of some sort. It's fairly clear that these kids are singing about getting an climax. Adam Levine wasn't almost that presumptuous so earlier in his version of the song.

They don't even get by with the chorus just before they make an additional change for the verse.

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  1. Great handful of songs for this time in a year, spring is the best for kids and songs for them.